Five Elements / ABOUT

A place where the

of nature work together harmoniously offering unique moments, in a reception that will remain in the memory of you and your guests.


4,000 square meters, with a manicured lawn, ``secured`` inside a wall of towering trees that ensures the necessary privacy of your party, is at your complete disposal.


The minimal aesthetic building is mirrored in the impressive swimming pool. The durable deck that hugs her protectively, is specially designed for endless fun.


In our special bar made of volcanic lava, drinks are prepared with mastery that take off the mood in an instant.


From the huge imposing door that greets you at the entrance of the estate to the scattered decorative details, metal adds hi-tech aesthetic points to the space.


The space of unique aesthetic takes advantage of divine technology and can function as both open and closed, thanks to the glass folding walls and the electric roof.

  • Space 1

    Capacity 450 people with heating. The uniquely aesthetic space can function as both open and closed, thanks to its folding glass walls and electric roof.

  • Space 2

    Capacity of 200 people with heating. It can work for smaller, more family receptions, as a second stage or as an entertainment area for your little guests.

  • Private suite

    Are you tired? We have provided for that too: The private suite is at your disposal for a quick refresh and a moment of rest. After all, the night is going to be long and wonderful here at Five Elements.